Volunteers have played a key role at Skyline Farm, helping with landscaping, carpentry, painting, educational programs, event planning, carriage exhibit preparation and more. In addition to individual volunteer opportunities, Skyline Farm have also hosted School and Scout groups performing community service or for service learning programs. 

Some areas that are of interest are:


Each event needs numerous volunteers to plan and execute our events throughout the year. Check out our event listings for more information about events at Skyline Farm. The listing also contains email links to the committee responsible for each event.

Educational Programs:

Skyline Farm presents various educational programs, many of which are open to the general public. If you have expertise in a field associated with carriages or horse drawn transportation and would like to present a seminar or workshop, please contact us at info@skylinefarm.org


Skyline Farm's trail network is under construction, with several kilometers already open for walking, skiing and horse back riding. Soon we plan on opening up the main trail loop for carriage driving as well. Work days to improve and maintain the trails usually occur in the early summer and autumn. If you would like to be contacted for these work days, please send us your email address to info@skylinefarm.org

Group projects:

Painting, landscaping, carpentry and even building a 20 foot span king truss bridge have been parts of both Scout and School group activities at Skyline Farm. We can work with your group to find the best match between Skyline Farm's needs and your group's interests and capabilities. Let's explore the possibilities! You can reach us at info@skylinefarm.org.

Other needs:

We have several projects that need volunteers right now, if you have the skills, interest and time. Some of these are: