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The Skyline Carriage Museum is open Sundays from 1:00-4:00 from May 5 thru June 30 2024

Skyline Farm is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to transform Skyline Farm into a community resource as a living carriage museum with an antique carriage & sleigh collection, while also preserving the farm's open space and historic buildings for recreational and educational use. Skyline Farm is a community-based organization providing educational and recreational programs based on the role of horse-drawn transportation in the cultural, social and economic development of New England.

Except during special events, the museum will be closed while we set up our 2024 exhibit.   

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Museum Exhibit 

Horsedrawn Phrases Then and Now

Dozens of phrases are used in every day speech that relate to horse-drawn vehicles and horses in general. This is the making of our new exhibit: words and phrases most of us never consider their derivation, but many come from the horse-drawn vehicle era. The exhibit will highlight the similarities of phrases that carried through to the automobile era today.

To tease you with a few of the words/ phrases from the horse drawn era carrying through to the automobile.....engine horsepower, dashboard, hub cap, running boards, station wagon, groom, trunk......

Our new exhibit is for the young & old. Showcasing horse- drawn vehicles (with phrases) that most of us never think of where they came from and should wonder why we still use them today!

The museum, located at 95 The Lane, North Yarmouth.  Free admission; donations are appreciated.

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