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Sundays – May 8 – June 26 1-4 PM or by Appointment. Museum Exhibit - "Town & Country: Rocking & Rolling Down The Lane"

posted May 4, 2022, 4:42 AM by John Sowles   [ updated May 16, 2022, 3:28 AM ]
When summer arrived in New England, various cold weather horse-drawn vehicles were put in the barn loft. Down came the wheeled vehicles for country & city. Country vehicles were much simpler in design than city vehicles.  Come see examples of both.
The summer exhibit will include a few sleighs for those who didn't see our winter exhibit. Most carriages were constructed for certain jobs. Skyline is showcasing approximately 40 unique business and personal vehicles that would have been used in New England.

Skyline was recently loaned a Brewster & Co. Cee Spring Landau. This rather large vehicle combines the best of a Brougham and a Victoria. The Landau's double hooded roof arrangement is great for summer or winter travel.  We also have a lovely sleigh by J. F. Hall Rockland, ME circa 1890 as well as a double seat Albany, heating
contractor sleigh, postal delivery and a Buxton oil delivery vehicle that once delivered to homes and businesses via horse-drawn oil tanker!  


For more information contact Greg Cuffey  at (207) 239-5782