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Summer Museum Exhibit - Child Size Vehicles: From the Sublime to the Ridulous -- Open Plow Day and Sundays May 13-June 17. 1-4PM or by appointment.

posted Apr 25, 2018, 3:03 AM by John Sowles   [ updated May 26, 2018, 8:56 AM ]

Most “normal” sized carriages and sleighs were built for horses. Skyline's new museum exhibit highlights horse sized vehicles next to their smaller counterparts built for cob, pony, and miniature horses. Children have a better imagination as to what was going to pull their appropriately sized vehicle. They often “put to” whatever was available, such as dog(s), goat(s), rooster(s), baby and adult oxen, ostrich, mule, donkey, burro, and yes, a pony.


A few of the child sized vehicles on display will be (but are not limited to): Hay Wagon, Sleigh(s), Goat or Dog Cart, Covered Wagon, Wicker Governess Cart, Bench Sled, Village Cart, Runabouts, Basket Carriage, and a few rare surprises.


The “Triple Mountain Model Horses” Breyer Horsedrawn vehicle display will continue.

Free admission; Donations appreciated.

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